How to build?

How to build?

We currently support GHC version 9.2.8 and compilation is tested with cabal version

Besides basic Haskell tooling (GHC and cabal), since we depend upon libraries used in cardano-node (opens in a new tab), one would need to have additional dependencies as described in this (opens in a new tab) guide related to building node from source. When referring to that guide, for our purposes, section on "Installing the Haskell environment" and sections following (& including) "Downloading the source code for cardano-node" are irrelevant.

Additionally one would need libpq-dev or postgresql installed in their environment otherwise an error suggesting missing pg_config can occur.

We build Atlas in our Github CI using environment described here (opens in a new tab) which one can also refer if they encounter a build failure.

To verify if environment is configured properly, one can clone Atlas repository from here (opens in a new tab) and run cabal build all to see if build is successful.

Building with Nix

Alternatively, we provide a nix shell with all dependencies baked in. Please refer to this (opens in a new tab) guide on how to configure nix and later one can enter development shell via nix develop.